Rebecca Minkoff NYFW Wall with Randi Brookman Harris

Rebecca Minkoff NYFW Wall  with Randi Brookman Harris

When your friend Randi calls, you answer. Knowingly, there is always something fun on the other end of the line. In this instance, a video message popped up while I was on the beach with my family in Nantucket; Randi was looking for a hand in making her vision for the Rebecca Minkoff NYFW wall a reality.

And so, post-vacation, we got started...


Randi paid a visit to her friend Becky's showroom, store, and studio to gather inspiration for the next season's collection + scope out the location for the buildout. This Fashion Week wall would serve as a step-and-repeat for photos and a background for sharing her next collection; when Randi came to me, she had the idea of tiling oversized paillettes along the wall in a design. Inspired by the intricate guitar straps debuting at the show in addition to the moodboard from Becky's team, Randi shared photos from her visit as well as the palette and references for the collection. Below are some of the Rebecca Minkoff guitar straps we were looking at for design inspiration.


From there, we narrowed down the directions factoring in the team's feedback. Randi and I have a bit of a shorthand from not only being good friends, but working together on various things over the last 5+ years. Since we needed to work through the ideas quickly and digitally translating these designs into a grid is a bit meticulous, I created a grid true to scale based on the paillette boards and wall dimensions for Randi to color in, while I tackled some of the design ideas on Illustrator.

We went through several ideas and iterations, but quickly found our direction.


A bit of math and calculation later + some pre-planning from the team before Randi and her assistant Brent installed the 6,000 paillettes that comprised the wall's design. Randi captured a little stop motion of the installation progress from the day.


And some of the shots from the show...